Schools Around the World


Belo Horizonte, Brazil 

Dusseldorf, Germany

Akamat Al Me’gab, Yemen

St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Madrid, Spain

Seaham, County Durham (England)

Tiracanchi, Peru

Gambella, Ethiopia 

Jessore, Bangladesh 

Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Old Havana, Cuba

Doha, Qatar

St. Petersburg, Russia

Meanwhile, in Taipei, Taiwan…

(Though to clarify, Taiwanese schools all have a nap time hour after lunch.)

Source article: Quiet at the Back—Schools Around the World—In Pictures


Whenever the month of fasting comes and all the Muslim nations are fasting, all the other nations won’t eat in front or near them out of respect. Once the month is over the Muslim nations hold a huge dinner thanking everyone.

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